Show Us Your Olas!

Olas – means “wave” in Spanish.

It could be waves on the water or waving your hand at a friend.  We’ve incorporated “Olas” into our name because we make waves in the Mexican restaurant genre. There are other Mexicali Grill’s out there, but only one Olas Mexicali Grill!  And we consider our customers friends, we olas to our friends.



“I love Olas Mexicali Grill! Their food is amazing, it not only tastes incredible, it’s healthy!  I am totally excited to win lunch or dinner for a year!”

- Rami Jackson




“Olas Mexicali Grill is the perfect place to eat!  We tell all of our friends to come here.  Sometimes we treat them.”

- Mr. & Mrs. Torkelson





“How totally cool is this!  I get to eat Olas Mexicali Grill for 6 months every single day.  I still can’t believe I won!”

- Paul Bledsoe





“Of course I love Mexicali Grill!  That’s why I entered the contest, I want to eat here even more often!”

- Angie Carrera



“We eat at Olas Mexicali Grill because it’s delicious and healthy!  My husband just had heart surgery and his diet is very strict.  We can eat here, that’s unusual for most restaurants, especially Mexican restaurants.”

 - Mr. & Mrs. Thompson



“We love Olas Mexicali Grill! We eat here at least twice a week.  This is great, now we can eat here even more often!”

- Janie Vessel