About Us

The Perez Family uses the freshest, highest quality ingredients in their unique recipes.  There’s no microwave in the kitchen, no iceberg lettuce in the fridge, no cheap cuts of meat (like chicken thigh) in the freezer.  It’s all fresh.  Even the herbs and spices are fresh or hand dried.  You’ll taste the difference.

We started in 2003 with an idea for a fun, fresh and slightly different kind of restaurant.  Born of memories of fish tacos in Cancun, sautéed fresh veggies in Cabo and many of our sorties from San Francisco to Vera Cruz, we kept looking for a “best of the best” restaurant and came up short.  We finally decided to build our own “Dream Restaurant”.  So we hired an executive chef who helped develop our ideas with a firm commitment to excellence and the use of fresh ingredients without lard or deep fryers.  And here it is, Olas Mexicali Grill!

Our only other wish; that you enjoy eating Olas Mexicali Grill cuisine as much as we enjoy creating it.

The next generation of Olas!

Sethan Iverlynn Emersan